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Update: The current iteration of Witchinour is, in short, being scrapped. However, the concept of low-rez bullet hell witch action is still the foundation for the game: you can read more here!

Witchinour is a manic, bullet hell cute 'em up where you play as Nour, a witch in training who woke up one day only to find that her sisters stole her spell books and hat. Hop on your broom and show'em who's the baddest witch around!

Currently keyboard and 360/xinput controllers are supported. You can move, shoot, and bomb with WASD & I/O, arrow keys & Z/X, or d-pad and the A/X buttons.

This is just a two stage demo, as the game is currently in development. If you like it or think it has potential I'd really appreciate your vote on Steam Greenlight!

More information

Published188 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Arcade, chiptune, Female Protagonist, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Shooter, Singleplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Demo.zip (20 MB)


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Very fun and cute :D